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Culinary Easter 2017

Greek Easter Culinary snapshot!! 

Greek Easter is not only the most important holiday on our religious calendar, but it brings in life all traditions and festive food preparations.

Holy Thursday: dying our eggs red and just to give a clever and healthy hint, do not use the regular egg dyes, but the red onion leafs - just boil the leafs from the previous night for an hour and leave them in the water for the whole night. Next morning strain the leafs and then boil the eggs in slow heat until hard boiled.
Extra tip. Place around the eggs flower leafs and wrap them with thin transparent leggings and then boil them into natural onion dye. It’s fun

Holy Friday: food wise - it's your day if you are a serious vegie lover. My version, fresh mushrooms and squid on the grill with a small hint of olive oil

Holy Saturday: getting ready for the big night. Preparing the tonight's feast is the traditional soup of "Magiritsa", made out of everything you don't want to eat from the lamb you will bbq the next day. It's a divine of liver, and all lamp insides with fresh herbs, dill, mint and finely sliced lettuce, rice and ended with avgolemono. Eating it after the night's Pascha liturgy

Easter Sunday: it's the day that words 'slow food' and 'culinary' take flesh and blood!!!! This is what Greek food is all about.
If you want to grab a bite of our food just come and visit us!!!!
A few pictures....a thousand words.


Holy Thursday

dying eggs with onion leafs

Holy Saturday, after the church @ 00:30 ...Magiritsa soup



getting ready



in about 10' we are eating

DSC05455 DSC05457
and what is better than just freshly cut salads from the yard




the noise of the lamb !!!!!

DSC05470 DSC05472


homemade pickled veggies and tzatziki